«Love is not doing extraordinary or heroic things, but doing the ordinary with tenderness»  (Jean Vanier)

     Is this not what St. Marguerite d’Youville and our fondresses, Mother Marie-Michel Archange Thuot and Mother Émilie Jauron did?  Following in their footsteps, we want to be «Missionaries of Tenderness» according to the beautiful title given us by Fr. André Guay, OMI.  Let us look at how this it lived out in our daily lives.

     In Saint-Hyacinthe, tenderness is expressed in a thousand and one ways and especially so at our Generalate in the attention given to our sick and aging sisters.  This is also true for our employees.  For their part the sisters at Marguerite d’Youville Residence offer tenderness towards the residents of Marie-Luce Labossière Pavilon  through their presence and caring.   And what can we say about our sisters at Maison Ste. Anne, who give themselves with such generosity through their hospitality to various groups, such as Youth ministry, the grandmothers prayer group, and so many more.

     Our two sisters in Sherbrooke live tenderness through their contacts with so many in their various activities.  In Manitoba, Sr. Marie-Claire Boucher expresses tenderness in a variety of ways in her ministry to First Nations people, whom she loves very much.

     Our sisters in the United States also give themselves, without counting the cost, in their tireless contacts with the elderly, the young and so many more, radiating the tenderness and goodness of the Father.

     We cannot forget our sisters in Haïti, who through their varied ministries: schools, health clinics, residence for elderly, whatever the need, offer tenderness in service to many who seek their aid.

     In communion with one another, in courage and with passion let us «serve in tenderness» as Brother Timothy Radcliffe says so well!!

                                                                            Sr. Marie-Paule Messier, SCSH


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With the feast of St. Marguerite d’Youville, we want to share with you some reflections on tenderness, which is the way our foundresses, Mother Marie-Michel Archange Thuot and Mother Émilie Jauron expressed our charism, as inherited from St. Marguerite d’Youville.  Marguerite d’Youville’s experience of God was on of tenderness and unconditional love.  She made it her mission to share and express this same love with all those she met, especially the poor and abandoned.

Each month we will offer a reflection on tenderness, shared by one of our sisters or a spiritual writer.  We hope that these reflections may add nourish to your own prayer and living.  In our world too often filled with violence, individualism and greed, acting with tenderness can brings healing to the soul and new meaning to our lives!  «You have been told...what is good, and what God requires of you: to act with justice, to love tenderly and to walk humbly with your God»  (Micah 6, 8)

We invite you to share with us your own reflecions on tenderness...