The sisters who made their profession gave testimony

Haiti, december 30, 2007

On December 30, 2007, two sisters made their perpetual vows in Haiti. The following is what each of them wrote on this great event.

Sr Aliette Perrin

« When I read the life of Mother d’Youville, I discovered her unconditional love for the poor and I decided to become a Sister of Charity. Marguerite d’Youville did not perceive the poor as different. She served the poor and contemplated the living Christ in each person. Her way of reflecting the Father’s tenderness to all around her also attracted me very much.

During my visit to Canada, I discovered this holy woman’s greatness of soul, her audacity and the depth of her faith. In Haiti, we need more people like Marguerite d’Youville to carry on the great work of nurturing life among the poor.

It is in this perspective that I was driven to give myself even more and totally to Christ, by walking in the footsteps of our foundress, Saint Marguerite d’Youville. And so, my religious consecration, as a Sister of Charity of Saint-Hyacinthe, will help me to better live my baptismal commitment. »

Sr Marie-Raymonde Cadet

« The charism of Mother d’Youville impelled me to become a Sister of Charity. When I studied her life and especially her universal love for the poor while I was in the noviciate, I felt called to go even further in my journeying.

My trip to Canada intensified my desire to follow the Lord. The formation I received there made it possible for me to take a big step towards the poor. I also learned that Christ considered the poor to be privileged people.

My commitment through perpetual vows must be for others, and my priority for the poor. Through my witnessing, others should see God in me. I want to witness to truth, to justice and to love and bring happiness to all those I meet. »